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Raw Milk Cheeses – A Natural Source of Probiotics

It’s all about the milk.

Great cheese starts with great milk – raw milk from grass fed cows. As farmstead cheese makers using the raw milk of grass-fed cows, the question we are asked most often is “ unpastuerized milk – how can that be good for you? While we have no interest in standing on any soapboxes, it is incumbent upon us to explain, in layman’s terms, the health benefits of eating raw milk cheeses. The fact that raw milk cheeses from grass-fed cows are incredibly delicious is a whole other blog entry!

Let us first address raw milk. We have some pretty compelling information to make you feel better about choosing raw milk and raw milk cheeses, so keep reading.

The first thing you need to know is that all unpasteurized milk that is used to make cheese is safe – we continuously test for bacteria levels — it’s the law! And, unlike the days of Louis Pastuer, raw milk is always kept cold, which helps ensure the safety of the milk. Finally, New York State law (our dairy is in New York State; I can’t attest to the laws in the other 49!) calls for aging all cheeses made from raw milk a minimum of 60 days, in which time any questionable pathogens die out.

Now on to the health benefits of raw milk. It’s a complete food, containing proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, cholesterol, and beneficial bacteria (probiotics). This is one powerful and perfect food!

Raw milk has all of the 8 essential amino acids (amino acids are the building blocks for proteins, and essential means we must obtain the amino acids from our diet). Luckily enough we can get all of them just from raw milk. And, raw milk is rich in colloidal minerals and enzymes which are necessary for the absorption and utilization of natural sugars and fats present in milk. Conversely, heated, pasteurized milk becomes precipitated with minerals that cannot be absorbed, sugars that cannot be properly digested and fats in a form that contribute to a buildup of unhealthy cholesterol.

Raw milk is all about keeping the good bacteria that are necessary to break down all the nutrients in milk and other foods we eat, which is vital to overall good health. We’ve all been hearing a lot about these good bacteria – probiotics, but what exactly are these mysterious bacteria?

Probiotics are living bacteria that when ingested, become located within the lower intestines, where they can do their work to help keep us healthy. What’s very exciting is the fact that mainstream medical science is coming around to the important roll bacteria plays in keeping disease at bay. A few weeks ago, a terrific New York Times article ( Carl Zimmer June 18, 2012) titled Tending the Body’s Microbial Garden explains how medical science recognizes the importance of “good bacteria” for treating and preventing disease (http://tinyurl.com/73yxmdx) “For a century, doctors have waged war against bacteria, using antibiotics as their weapons. But that relationship is changing as scientists become more familiar with the 100 trillion microbes that call us home — collectively known as the microbiome…. This new approach to health is known as medical ecology. Rather than conducting indiscriminate slaughter……. scientists want to be microbial wildlife managers. “

Bob Roberts, a Food Scientist from Penn State University, says that by the age of 2, humans have a full set of microbes. Thus tons of bacteria are within your stomach, whether you like it or not! The conflict is trying to get the probiotic (good) bacteria to outnumber the disease-causing bacteria. Consistently ingesting probiotics (like those found in raw milk cheese) will help to create an imbalance in the gut, with more good bacteria which is critical for maintaining a healthy body. Probiotics have shown to improve recovery time for children’s viral diarrhea, build stronger immune systems, and reduce inflammation for those with IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease).

Most consumers are getting their probiotics via dairy products that are fortified with manufactured probiotics. That’s because the heat used to pasteurize milk kills off all of the good bacteria/ probiotics. On the other hand, raw milk cheeses are a natural source of probiotics, with all of the health benefits inherent to raw milk. And, like we mentioned earlier, raw milk cheeses are safe – by law they are aged a minimum of 60 days at 35 degrees or above; “bad” bacteria cannot survive in this environment for more than 60 days.Raw milk from grass

Just to be clear, not all raw milks are created equal. -fed cows is a source of one of the most potent cancer fighting agent found in foods, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). CLA is an omega-6 fatty acid, present in the cream of unpasturized, non-homogenized raw milk. Cornell University Food Science Professor, John Brady explains in his Class Notes, that “The effects of heart disease are not clear, but there is accumulating evidence that small amounts of CLA are beneficial in preventing certain types of cancer.” Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center explains that CLA may help with reducing blood pressure, cholesterol, and osteoporosis.

At 5 Spoke Creamery, we believe that like riding a bike, balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle. So, go ahead and eat delicious raw milk cheeses; just make sure to balance it out with physical activity. Might we suggest a bike ride?

If you’d like to read more about probiotic research, please check out the sources below:included the below sources.

Grand Theft Auto 5: Tips as well as Tricks to Turn out to be Quick Billionaire without Special secrets

GTA 5 features innumerable methods of obtaining super-rich very quickly, thanks to the abundance of glitches that surface just after just about every new bug-fix update from Rockstar Games, besides a handful GTA 5 cheats, guidelines and tricks going viral over the internet. However, individuals that favor to perform honest and still come to be a fast billionaire can do so working with a number of ideas and tricks posted on this guidebook.

There are actually several swift random missions wherein you are essential to conserve a girl in the gangsters as well as other will involve obtaining a kid’s stolen bike. The initial mission yields you $60,000 along with the second gets you richer by $100,000.

Find the Kid’s Stolen Bike

It is a random mission that spawns anywhere close to your home although playing the game as Franklin or Michael. Because the Gamer Headlines reviews, a blue marker must pop up over the display indicating the mission origin. You’ll hear a kid yelling about his bike getting stolen.

You just must uncover the stolen bike and return it to its rightful proprietor. After the career is carried out, you’ll get a “Thank You” letter as well as $100,000 in-game cash for helping the induce.

It’s possible you’ll recall the conversation once the kid reveals that he’s a millionaire and it just turns out accurate. There exists often a nice reward in retail outlet for assisting the needy NPCs in GTA 5. So, you must truly exploit such possibilities.

Rescue the Lady from Gangsters

This mission spawns at a random location in Paleto Bay where you witness two gangsters striving to kill a lady. You may opt to aid them or save the girl’s life by killing the two guys.

Just take the woman securely to her home so you will get richer by $60,000 in-game income reward to the work well performed. The lady is none aside from the daughter of mafia leader Sonny. Effectively, that could essentially serve up extra popularity factors (RP) for use later during the game.

Ammu-Nation Respawn Thievery Trick

It’s a recognized secret that funds re-spawns quickest whatsoever Ammu-Nation shops in GTA five. Just barge into the store and shoot the cashier to grab some brief income from your registers.

At this point stroll from the store and travel some distance on foot or a car or truck. Then return to the very same store right after sometime to steal far more dollars from your funds registers after killing the clerk, certainly. Repeat this procedure to become a speedy billionaire very quickly.

Buffalo Chicken Dip – Wonderful Meal

I’ve been working on a buffalo chicken dip for a while now, following five years and several batches I assume I’ve the recipe down to a science. Ahead of I get into the recipe I would like to explain some of my components and alternatives, this isn’t your common buffalo dip!

Most Buffalo dips I’ve tried are as well thin and liquid to scoop, have huge chunks of chicken, or taste like mostly ranch dressing. The majority of the ones that happen to be made correctly are completed in a brownie pan and soon after just a couple of minutes possess a challenging crust that forms creating it tricky to obtain towards the tasty dip hiding inside. My recipe attempts to solve all of those difficulties and much more creating a consistent and tasty Buffalo Chicken Dip that is fantastic for dipping!

Lots of men and women also make this dip with blue cheese. If thats what you like then go for it. I’ve discovered the blue cheese to be overpowering, even just an ounce or two can overwhelm the dish together with the blue cheese flavor. Not everybody likes blue cheese either, so its most effective to just leave it out.

Quality and brand name ingredients enable make this dip even improved. Use Franks Red Hot sauce because it really is consistent in flavor and balances well with the other ingredients. Following the dish is performed it is possible to add a diverse hot sauce when you wish. I find that making use of Hidden Vally Ranch dressing and Philadelphia cream cheese add a precise flavor that cheaper items usually do not. I would hugely advocate using the exact brands and sizes which can be shown inside the recipe. The recipe will pretty much totally use the whole bottle of franks and so forth. so its best to purchase everything fresh and not only whatever you’ve got floating around.

With that stated… lets appear in the components.


1 lb chicken breast, cut into tiny cubes (about 1/2 inch x 1/2 inch)
1 (eight oz) package cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup ranch dressing
six tbsp butter
9 tbsp sriracha sauce
two cups shredded mozzarella cheese


1. Preheat oven to 375F. To prepare buffalo sauce, melt butter in a skillet. Turn off stove as soon as butter is melted and before it begins to bubble. Add in sriracha sauce and stir until sauce is uniform. In a separate pan, cook chicken cubes till done. Pour half of the sauce in with all the chicken and coat chicken.

two. In a 9 inch baking pie plate, spread softened cream cheese across bottom until smooth. Add chicken on top. Add ranch dressing on major of chicken. Pour remaining hot sauce on best. Ultimately, best with shredded mozzarella.

3. Bake about 15-20 minutes until absolutely heated and top cheese layer begins to blister. In case you can not get the good blister effect, turn oven as much as 400F for an additional handful of minutes till it does. Serve hot with tortilla chips.

Tip: If your rotisserie chicken is chilled, microwave it 1 to two minutes to slightly warm it. Warm chicken is a lot less difficult to pull and shred.

Clash of Clans Guide: All the things You have to Know

The largest Clash of Clans update has just been launched and it introduced a feature that everybody demanded for really a though now: Clan Wars! I am right here to share with you a full guide to Clash of Clans clan war: ways to join an alliance, tips on how to commence a clan war and basically every thing you need to know about this exciting brand new feature of this game.

So, due to the fact it’s going to almost certainly be a extended article, it’s superior to get it started. Right here is Touch Tap Play’s Clash of Clans clan war guide!

Initially items first: in case you haven’t done so already, you will need to do the clear in an effort to get the likelihood to take part in a Clan War: rebuild your Clan Castle and join or make a Clan. Now the fun component begins!

When there are actually 10 eligible players within the clan, the leader and co-leader possess the alternative to begin a clan war. You might be matched having a random opponent (so, for now, no alternatives to start a direct war with a particular clan!) plus the two day method on the Clan War starts.

Pro tip: Why am I in Spectator Mode in the course of the Clan War in Clash of Clans
Answer: Simply because you happen to be either ineligible (you left your earlier clan though it was still in war, and also you will develop into eligible right after the war ends) OR you’ve joined your new clan right after the Start off War button was pressed by the leader/co-leader. Lastly, if none of these applies, the Supercell team stated that some players might be placed in Spectator Mode to balance the wars. The players put in spectator mode within this predicament are these with the lowest trophy count inside the clan.

Now that the difficulties are solved, let’s study a lot more about the Clan Wars mechanics in Clash of Clans!

The Clan War requires spot more than two days. The initial one is committed to preparation. In the course of this time, you will develop your base for defense (considering that you will not use your principal village) and fill up your Clan Castle with defensive units. You could see all the bases – participants inside the Clan War on the new map. It’s essential to know that the towns there are aligned in the most highly effective a single to the weakest one particular in the prime to bottom.

Here is what Supercell themselves had to say concerning the new villages/war bases which might be used inside the game for the objective of Clan Wars:

“Your war base is very similar for your village, using a couple of exceptions. Your war base does not create sources. The clan castle inside your war base must be filled separately in the clan castle within your village. War bases in no way need to have their traps rearmed, defenses reloaded, or heroes healed, as they may be normally prepared for battle. The war base can not be straight upgraded or rearranged, but will instead mimic the arrangement and highest completed upgrade levels of the village throughout the preparation day. Buildings and traps will never be “under construction” within your war base.”

During the preparation day it is extremely significant to develop and donate defensive troops to all your clan mates. So as to do so, you might need to tap person bases around the map and donate troops straight. You can’t request troops for the war base – you will need an active group in order to succeed!

Second Clan War day: Battle Day

Right after the Preparation Day is over, the actual battle can start. Each and every player can attack twice through this time, but you can’t attack exactly the same target twice. It’s finest to target the player which will provide you with the most stars and which you could beat, certainly.

Pro tip: Try to watch replays, if available, if attacks have been created by your clan mates on the exact same target. This way it is possible to see which attack technique operates, exactly where are traps placed and obtain other useful information and facts on the way to method the target.

Pro tip two: Only the best attack (the 1 that got one of the most stars) will count per each opponent. So a superb idea is always to talk with your clan mates and try to spread out attacks to destroy all of your enemies and get much more stars. Within the end, if all of you attack just two players, you’ll get much less stars than in case you would’ve attacked ten players and got just 1 stars on eight of them. Which Clash Of Clans Cheats could help you?

The clan that wins the Clan War automatically gets many bonus loot. Also, the losing clan gets some loot. A brand new war is usually started as soon as the preceding a single is more than.
The War Base

Probably the most crucial element inside a Clash of Clans clan war is clearly the War Base. This can be basically your village copied in to the War Base. There is one large transform to consider: you do not must defend your resource silos, but the Town Hall as you desire the enemy attackers to get the least stars achievable with their attacks. So you certainly choose to rebuild your base for war and improve your defenses.

Also, the Clan Castle is incredibly significant for the duration of the war as it offers you added protection, based on its level (10 spaces for level one particular and 5 further spaces for every single new level). For starters, I say that very good combos for the Clan Castle are Wizards/Archers.

Also, you don’t must comprehensive the upgrade of one’s buildings to have them operational throughout the war. As an example, should you have a level 5 tower and have it upgrading to level 6 when the war begins, your War Base will have a functioning level 5 tower for the duration with the war.

I hope that this Clash of Clans Clan War guide answers all your questions. When you have other strategy tips to share with other players or any other queries about this wonderful new function, don’t hesitate to ask!